Monday, May 5, 2008

Blog Plugging

If you want some interesting reads outside the depressing domain of my own territory, I have several friends with some really great blogs.

I referenced Steve and Isaiah in my previous post with links to their blogs, and they are also on my side link bar. Isaiah blogs quite regularly about his writing life, soon to be filled with the fun of being a poetry MFA student at Pacific University in Oregon. He also includes references to some fantastic poets who are a bit more established, but I'm sure he will be joining their ranks soon enough. Steve's blog is a fascinating philosophical look at the connection between mathematics and reality.

Another blog that I have not yet referenced is that of freelance writer Lily Casura. I had the pleasure of working with Lily briefly through my job at DemiDec Resources. I quickly discovered that she writes on a wonderful blog about Veteran's issues, among them a number of important psychological problems. Her posts about PTSD, the growing suicide problem among Veterans, and mental health care services available are all very insightful.

I encourage you to check out these wonderful blogs!

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Isaiah Vianese said...

Thanks for the plug!