Friday, May 23, 2008

Jonathan Kellerman

I just discovered (thanks to a newspaper clipping from my mom) that Jonathan Kellerman was 24 when he got his Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Hmm, maybe I, too, can make tons of money writing psychological thrillers in about 20 years.

I haven't read all that many of his books, but Devil's Waltz is one of my personal favorites. A very interesting look at Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy. Perhaps this summer I can read more of his others. I like psychological suspense and true crime; they're like my equivalent to hard working people who read trashy romances for relaxation.

I also just got my Evolutionary Biology packet for DemiDec, so I think most of my reading for a while will come from those 130 pages of joy and fun.


Alpaca said...

Joy and fun are highly-evolved experiences. Well, joy. Puppies have fun. But, then, puppies are highly evolved.

Melanie said...

Puppies are like the epitome of artificial selection. They are quite evolved. Not only do they have fun, they make the people around them have fun, too.

I also think my puppies are pretty joyful. Do you remember when Echo met Tina? She was a happy puppy!

P.S. Random anecdote: When I started looking at colleges and thought I wanted to be an animal behaviorist, a professor asked me if I thought animals had emotions. I responded yes, and he said "Well, I guess we'll have a lot of work to do with you." I instantly decided that I did not want to go to that school.