Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Suicide: Bravery or Cowardice?

I have come across the topic of suicide in terms of cowardice or bravery a number of times, and it is always controversial. It has even come up over the breakfast table with my relatives (I'm guessing this is something that only happens in my family...)

Nobody can ever agree in my household, in online forums where I have discussed it, or in the numerous literary sources in which I have seen it disputed. I have heard a lot of good arguments on both sides in terms of facing the element of the unknown in death, skipping out on your family and friends, causing yourself pain and suffering, being afraid to do something about your problems, etc. (I don't have my quote book with my right now, but I've written down some good quotes on the topic in there, so I'll have to come back and add those later.)

I would be really interested in hearing what readers have to say on this topic. I posted a poll on the sidebar, so please vote, but more than that comment here and let me know what you think and why.

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